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Sweco advices in power plant project in Rwanda to double national energy supply and reduce costs

Åsa Bergman President and CEO, Sweco
May 17, 2017 | Press release

Sweco has been engaged as advisors to significantly expand Rwanda’s power production with a new peat-fired power plant. Sweco’s energy experts have done feasibility studies, provided assistance during the tender and contract phase, and will now oversee project compliance during the construction process.

The new peat power plant, located close to the Akanyaru river in southeast of Rwanda, will increase the country’s electricity production by 80 MW while reducing production costs and harmful emissions. The peat will be transported from near-by peat bogs and replaces, as a domestic energy source, other resources such as imported oil. The power plant will in total reduce energy production costs with up to 40 percent. The peak demand of electricity in Rwanda is currently 115 MW.

Energy experts from Sweco in Sweden and Finland have been involved throughout the process and have conducted feasibility studies for the power plant and peat production. Sweco will continue to assist the project by overseeing project compliance during the construction period.

“This is a project of major significance for Rwanda. We are excited to be able to assist with our expertise. Rwanda has accomplished an important and impressive progress during the last two decades. This power plant will be a great contribution in fulfilling the country’s ambitious plans to expand its energy supply”, says Åsa Bergman, President of Sweco Sweden.

“The supply of efficient energy is crucial to support economic growth. This project has been developed in cooperation between Finnish and Swedish specialists during the last 4 years and we are happy to be able to assist with our energy expertise going forward”, says Markku Varis, President of Sweco Finland.

In earlier stages of the project, Sweco has prepared technical specifications for the turn-key EPC contract (Engineering Procurement Construction), and has assisted throughout the procurement process. Sweco will be on site to ensure that the project’s implementation is carried out as agreed in the contract. The project is set to be finished in 2020.

Finnish suppliers have been selected for vital parts of the plant with support from Finnish export funds. The project is sponsored by the Turkish energy company Hakan Madencilik A.S, and U.K based Quantum Power, a power and energy infrastructure investment platform. Project development manager since 2013 is Themis Infra.

Anna Elisabeth Olsson

Head of Press and Public Affairs