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New capital structure

June 3, 2010 | Press release

As part of the redemption procedure that was approved by the Annual General Meeting on 29 April 2010, Sweco AB carried out a share split through which each share was divided into two shares, of which one was designated as a redemption share. Now that the redemption procedure has been completed, Sweco AB will redeem the redemption shares for a redemption amount of SEK 2 per share and Sweco AB’s share capital will be restored to the same level as prior to the redemption procedure.

The Swedish Companies Registration Office has today registered a reduction in Sweco AB’s share capital by SEK 46,001,055 through the cancellation of 92,002,110 redemption shares, consisting of 9,389 075 redemption shares of class A and 82,613,035 redemption shares of class B. Furthermore, the Swedish Companies Registration Office has today registered an increase in the company’s share capital by SEK 46,001,005 through a bonus issue. The amount by which the share capital has been increased has been transferred to the share capital from non-restricted equity. No new shares have been issued in connection with the bonus issue.

Following these transactions, Sweco AB has a total of 92,002,110 shares outstanding, consisting of 9,389,075 shares of class A and 82,613,035 shares of class B.

A total of approximately SEK 177.9 million will be distributed to Sweco AB’s shareholders through the redemption procedure, equal to SEK 2 per share not held in treasury by the company. Payment to the shareholders is expected to take place on 9 June 2010.


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Anna Elisabeth Olsson

Head of Press and Public Affairs