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Marie Nokken

Marie Nokken Head of Department for Construction and Environment, Sweco Norway


Marie Nokken joined Sweco after graduating in 2009. Today she is head of department for more than 50 employees in the Construction and Environment Department in Oslo. She highlights the opportunity for development as one of the best things about the job.

 What is your role at Sweco?

I am Head of Department for Construction and Environment at the Oslo office. This is a newly established department comprising the specialist Geotechnics, Mining and construction technology and Environment groups. In this role, I am responsible for choosing the right projects, among other things, so that we can grow and develop our specialisms in a good way. We have many qualified and committed advisers in the department, and I am privileged to lead these people. Now my goal is to enable them to be the best they can be in their roles and to ensure that they have the best possible conditions for doing a good job.

How was the path from new employee to head of department?

I was thrown straight into projects and given responsibility from day one, that was the start of my career at Sweco. It was a bit scary at first, but I had a caring and capable co-worker to help me on my way.

After five years as an adviser on various projects, I became a group leader in Geotechnics. I shared this role with an experienced group leader. We worked closely together and I learned a great deal. I also had a head of department who worked closely with me and became a kind of mentor. This was a great way to take on the leadership role.

You are rarely alone in your responsibility and this helps you feel secure. At Sweco, you are supported by both professional colleagues and management. As a group leader, you have insight into the professional subject, while focusing on getting the best out of your employees. I love both the profession and the people, so this was the perfect role for me.

What is the best thing about working for Sweco?

Firstly, the working day is extremely varied with many exciting tasks. Secondly, I appreciate the opportunity for development. At Sweco you are given responsibility from day one. If you show that you can and want to do something, there is nothing stopping you from going far. If you have ambition, you will probably be given the chance to prove yourself in a leadership role.

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