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The digital transformation is shaping the entire real estate industry and placing new demands on property owners and managers. With Sweco’s Twinfinity® BIM platform, a digital 3D model of your property is linked with your business, operational and climate data. The result is a smart digital twin that, with one click, visualises how the building is constructed, how it functions and how it feels. Based on hard facts, you can minimise the building’s climate impact, optimise your business, lower administrative costs and create new value for tenants and users. Twinfinity creates unlimited opportunities to visualise information. The only limitation lies in the data that is available to the client and uploaded to the platform.

Twinfinity® – a cloud-based digital twin platform

Twinfinity is a cloud-based platform for digital twins. At its centre is a digital 3D model, to which we link various property data. When the information is aggregated and visualised, you gain insight into the performance of the building as well as the entire property portfolio. With easy-to-use, adaptable tools, you can visualise and analyse the information that is most important for you. An unbroken information chain with aggregated data provides you with completely new information and the opportunity to create much greater value.

Reduce the building’s climate footprint

Requirements for reporting buildings’ climate impact are constantly increasing. With the help of Twinfinity, you can visualise and analyse the building’s CO2 footprint, indoor climate, reuse volumes, supporting documentation for sustainability certification and much more. The aggregated information presented helps you meet climate declaration requirements and supports your transition to sustainable business operations.

Optimise your business

Leases, notice periods, vacancies and other financial information are often scattered among multiple storage sites and therefore difficult to review as a whole – especially in cases where property holdings are expanding or there are many tenants. With Twinfinity, your business data is linked to your 3D model. And when all essential information is presented in one place, you have more than just a comprehensive overview – you also have accurate documentation that helps you plan ahead.

The common interface enables you to visualise information such as contract lengths, lease levels, vacancies and where in the building your tenants are located. With Twinfinity, you can also directly receive visual answers to complex questions such as, ‘How many vacant areas larger than 6,000 square metres that meet selected criteria are available in 17 months?’. Augmenting the 3D model with the building’s technical status can have a positive impact on the building’s market value – for example, during a due diligence process.

  • Vasakronan digitises its buildings

    With the help of Sweco’s Twinfinity® service platform, Vasakronan is digitising its entire property portfolio and creates digital twins of around 170 properties.

Reduce your administrative costs

Linking and visualising your data sources in one common interface simplifies the maintenance and management of your buildings. Whether you choose to get information online or via a handheld device, you always have accurate documentation for your decisions and activities.

Information, such as moving a wall, is easily added to Twinfinity. By continuously transferring information to the digital twin, you always have a complete and comprehensive picture of the property. The digital model enables you to see details like room distribution, the number of square metres of windows on the façade, which walls are load-bearing and where in the building a lamp needs to be replaced. Twinfinity can also provide error and case management systems with information on rooms, objects, areas, etc. to simplify system usage.

Improve efficiency

Using real-time data from sensors, you can instantly see how your building is performing at the moment and optimise operations in line with premises utilisation. For example, you can lower the temperature or cut back the cleaning schedule in areas that are not in use. With Twinfinity, operation and maintenance information are aggregated and visualised in real time. This provides you with immediate, secure access to all the data you need to do the right things at the right time and in the right place.

Twinfinity® – the hub in your data and services ecosystem

Everyday life for most property owners rests on a long series of systems and connections. This may involve systems for error and case management, energy monitoring, and operation and maintenance information. Together, these systems form an ecosystem with business-critical information. The challenge presented by this is that the information often becomes difficult to access and difficult to interpret for the individual employee. With Twinfinity, information from other systems can be visualised in a building context to create understanding and insight that facilitates decisions and activities.

Orderly document management through system support

Reliable documentation is increasingly important as property owners start to take data-driven decisions. Twinfinity includes well-proven system support for document management that has been on the market for more than 20 years. This support manages versions, authorisations, access, etc. to ensure the correct version of the correct document is provided at every stage of the project, enabling you as property owner to keep your digital documentation in order. The solution has two components – one project-oriented and one management-oriented. This creates value, as information never leaves the system but is used and enhanced during the building’s entire life cycle, enabling the uninterrupted flow of information between projects and management.

Twinfinity in combination with the underlying document management system ensures that the correct version of, for example, operation and maintenance information can be accessed from Twinfinity’s 3D model. The system also has a built-in function for the quality assurance of designs and models, and is integrated with Microsoft Office. This offers high-level security with encrypted traffic and data and advanced authorisation control. The system also has project management functionality, with the option of working with project templates for structure and quality assurance, etc.

real estate core loggaSweco’s Twinfinity® digital twin platform is part of the RealEstateCore family and certified as a ProptechOS partner.

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