Nuclear Power and -Waste

Nearly half of Sweden's total electricity supply is based on nuclear power. Sweco provides efficient and transparent solutions which satisfy the society's need of electricity and at the same time fulfil the rigorous security requirements.  

Sweco is a key player in the work with the construction of the nuclear power plants in Oskarshamn in Sweden and Olkiluoto in Finland. Besides, we supply electrical engineering to the nuclear power plant Ringhals in Sweden.

Sweco has long-established experience in making investigations, analyses, specialist purchase support, project and construction management, as well as supervision and acceptance tests.

We also provide extensive services within particular system solutions, which then can be used as basic data in the planning procedure. Sweco's wide experience in electrical and mechanical engineering as well as construction and rock engineering and 3D scanning are vital in this process.  Sweco's engineers have also been involved in the making of technical manuals for storing of nuclear waste.